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Innovative design risks analysis» (Région PACA).




 Difficulties met during new products design are always important and may lead to failures: innovation is a risky process . Expérience shows that it is scarcely  probable that a project might run without any unpredicted event disturbing its advance. After ANVAR (ANVAR 2002), among new products design  projects managed with project management tools  : 50% do not get to the end ; among remaining 50% , 1/3 arrive with a negative result , 1/3 to a mean result and 1/3 to a positive result. That is 16,7% probability for the project results to be positive.

 The WG studies objective in PACA is to help project managers and project team members to take into account project risks as to better, quicker and cheaper design . Product and process risk  analysis are used during new product design, but they do not allow full project control.

To answer this problem, a working group creation is proposed in order to share experience and thoughts and to realize a risk analyis method applied to design of new products, as well as an implementation model of this method.
The model will include :
.  how to choose the method manager : Project Risk Manager
.  support tools  : computer applications
.  ’integration tools of project and process risk  analysis

Model validation will be required with major PACA companies experiments on new products design : CEA , AREVA, ST MIcroElectronics, aso…


Standard  FC X 50-117 (AFNOR 2003) upon Project Risk Analysis, displays the various steps of methods, but does not explain the tools necessary to their implementation. The standards expones three principles to be respected to get a good success of project risk analysis approach:

. at each step, a member of project team should be responsible of the method  (lthe animator role is not precised by the standards)
. perform an analysis follow up
. capitalize experience

The WG contribution consists in going along with the method of risk analysis implementation, as to manage the whole of the project risks (costs, deadlines, performances). At the end, the method will be appropriated by users.
A new occupation, Project Risk Manager, support tools and method integration tools combination should allow project risk analysis efficient implementation. 

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