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Climate warming


 climate warming and  energy



Industry energy consumption is 21% of final energy and greenhouse effect gas emission is 20% of total greenhouse effect gas emission .
No true reduction policy and decrease of
greenhouse effect gas emission consequences an be obtained witout active industry participation. Within that context, WG objectives aim at:

- anticipate compulsory rules : Initiate a work inside industry in order to extend efforts already done in the industrial area, long before a legal rule, essential and inevitable, be imponed to companies .

- propose solutions to  public bodies : our work will ultimately permit to propose concrete and realistic solutions to public bodies who are in charge to establish a national policy, even European, towards decrease of greenhouse effect gas emission.

Several themes are proposed  :
1 - How to reduce  dependency of French companies to fossile  energies (gas, fuel ?)
2 - The carbon balance at industrial level and how to implement it ?
3 - Are channeling and storage of carconic gas realistic for companies  ?
4 - How companies could behave to face the climatic change challenge ?
5 - AOB ?

When you are interested by one of the themes hereup , you may join either the animator Alex Dali , or the IMdR secretariat  (01 45 36 42 10).
A collection of the members preferences will be undertaken, the subject to be dealt with will be precised after majority of member choices.

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