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 Risk Management


 Risk Management in Building and Public Works Projects


 Rolland RUSSIER (ARTELIA), Bertrand MUNIER (IMdR)


Civil engineering is a leading sector in French economy with great international activity. Paradoxically, it was not long ago a branch little insured in its risk management practice, save in building sites security.

During three years, a group of ten people about has worked on “risk management in complex infrastructure projects”. This work has been performed in the frame of research contract of National Research Agency so called “GERMA”.

By now this GERMA contract is over, 7 to 8 about GERMA members group agreed to constitute the core of a IMDR working group, whose adhesion requires a IMDR membership, either as a person or company entitled.

The WG will work on similar topics, broadened to the various functions of the company concerned with civil engineering project management. Eventually every interested IMDR member is invited to join the so created  “Civil Engineering” WG.


The WG wishes to reconsider in this enlarged vision Building and Civil Works project management tools and methods, taking into account both technical and human dimensions. Judicial and insurance specificities of this area projects shall be taken into account. Previous work conclusions will be clarified, or even possibly modified and published.

Beyond these thoughts, the WG wishes to have the ear of Public Authorities in the BCW risk management field.

Operating modes

Preliminary contacts and a first meeting have already taken place. The launching meeting has been held on January, 27th on Rolland Roussier behalf.The meeting calendar has been established till July 2012 in a first step. The projected book of  Jean-Jacques Fadeuilhe and Bertrand Munier will be revised by the WG.

During meetings, either external authorities or WG members will talk about thematics issued from GERMA conclusions, followed by general discussion about the speeches.A short report will be edited after each meeting.Meetings are forecast to be held each month.

The organizers are Rolland Russier and Bertrand Munier.

Expected products

A “civil works”project has been submitted for the Lambda Mu 18 symposium to Patrice Kahn, in charge of the sessions evaluation.

A few months after Lambda Mu 18 symposium, a book is forecast, edited by WG members, each chapter being written under author-editor actual signature, Jean-Jacques Fadeuilhe and Bertrand Munier being coordinators (a practical and an academical people).

In the meanwhile, it is hoped to expand the spectrum of IMDR to civil works, area where IMDR contribution was low. In particular, the WG whishes to organize a working day (or half a day) upon BCW risks, as soon as 2123 Spring.

The WG is open to every interested IMDR member, please join Jean-Pierre Petit (imdr@orange.fr tél. : 01 4536 4210),who will check whether WG inscription is relevant.

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