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 Man Role ,  Human and  organizational Factors


   Human Factors in Design and Experience Feedback


 Christian BLATTER (SNCF)

Include Human Factors approach in System Design and Feedback Experience (REX)

Human  Factors
are more and more taken into account in Industrial and Professionnal Safety, either through risks and accidents analysis methods, REX methods and tools, or sociotechnic systems design approaches. However, many a question related to global and systemic aspect of Human Factors settlement are still pending:

  • How to take into account HF in systems certification ?
  • How to model man in sociotechnic systems , how define his role in the safety system ?
  • Which global HF  approach to settle, from design to  equipement REX, procedures,… ?
  • How to design a HF REX : concepts, audience, functions, design methods ,… ?
  • How to capitalize and share knowledge related to safety practice?
  • How to check corrective actions efficiency when primary cause has not been found ?
  • How to take into account organizationnal aspect in REX duration and in corrective actions follow up ?

From questions hereabove,the HF WKG organizes  debates using presentations of scientific or empirical character and actual  realisations presented by WKG members or external  personalities
. The HF WKG, alone or jointly with other WKG, organizes events , developes research projects or edits publications.

- Two working days about « resilience », answer face to unforeseen and systems, organizations and men variability (2008  2009)

- Synthesis of WKG  conferences : which new proposals to design  a feedback experience plan (on going)

- Research on textual analysis methods for feedback experience interpretation (on going)

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The working group allows you to download for free a set of documents/papers related to human factors.
  • To access papers from Lambda Mu18 symposium : click here
  • To access papers from Lambda Mu17 symposium : click here
  • To access papers from Lambda Mu16 symposium : click here

  • To access papers from Lambda Mu15 symposium : click here

  • To access papers from Lambda Mu14 symposium : click here

  • To access papers from Lambda Mu13 symposium : click here

  • To acces  list of books dealing with human factors and available in IMdR documentation center : click here

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October 11th, 2013

December 12th, 2013