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  Organisational Factors


 Organisation and risk control


 Jean-François VAUTIER (CEA)

.Risk control
. Dependability
. Safety and organisation

Organisation may be understood as the third component of a system . The two other  components are technics and man.The organisation determines within a system the relationships between man and technics . The "prescribed" (elements through which organisation is acted upon, such as flowcharts, delegations, a.s.o.) will be considered as well as the "real" (which is what acts in reality , determined in association with the "prescribed", the environment, the history, the persons,...) . Every promising approach will be welcome.
The following approaches already dealt with in works, experiences and implementations will be considered  :

Impact of an   organisational change on system dependability : the study purpose is not an organisation, but rather an   organisational change. Should the aim being to enhance dependability or anything else whatever, the stakes of dependability or risk control have to be reached despite or owing to this change.

Characteristics of a prescribed organisation having an  influence upon dependability ( organisational redundancy, double monitoring, independance… or punishment, control, motivation …)

We wish every WG member to be an actor , gathering knowledge and know-how, either by problems and solutions, or by questions and answers, or by experiments and theory … .

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