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 Methods and Tools


Internal Processes Compliance control





Many a bribery, fraud, embezzlement matter have been widely talked about ; hence companies and namrly the bank system have considered this type of risk as a major risk. In fact normal operation of a trading process is heavily disturbed, fixed objectives become impossible to comply with, leading possibly to judicial, administrative penalties or significant financial losses or fame prejudice.

In order to prevent these very damaging risks to occur, companies have looked for replies and preventive mechanisms settlement. Besides it has been checked owing to experience that such a prevention leads to production improvement (through process rationalization) and quality. It has also been checked that a company ethical fame becomes nowadays a differentiation factor on many a market.

In the present context, a compliance function becomes necessary to be dealt with in order to evaluate and control risks due to organization as well as to inform the staff; such information is performed not only by ethical charts edition but also by meetings.


The IMDR vocation is to help organizations to adopt preventive approaches; a function of conformity control (or compliance function) has been considered as pertinent to imagine as well as its implementation modes as far as investment activities (projects…) and deal making (subcontracting, buying,…)are concerned. 



The WG ambitions to:

-make companies sensitive to some fragility in matter of fraud and malevolence,
-favour relationship between sectors with same concerns,
-create a dynamic of consistency and cohesion within organizations.


Working tracks

-state of the art of practical background in compliance control,
-organization technics, fame and ethics interest,
-application to buyer function in matter of investments and market dealing,
-survey of the compliance function evolution.

Complementary studies could be undertaken following members demand.


Expected products

The expected products are as follows:

-synthesis document upon industrial practice,
-guide for compliance function implementation,
-working day proposal on compliance activities operation,
-proposal of an IMDR project.

Should you be an IMDR member interested in this working group, please contact David SENTIS (david.sentis@siemens.com Tél : 01 49 65 71 89) or Jean- Pierre PETIT (imdr@orange.fr Tél : 01 45 36 42 10).