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 Methods and Tools


  Technics and modelling tools fit to problems of industrial risks and environmental stakes


  Emmanuel ARBARETIER (EADS-APSYS) and Julien Commanay (EADS-APSYS)


Gather various private or public bodies working in Industrial  and Environmental Risk area and dealing with :

- designing or using simulation tools such as atmosphere modelling tools for instance,

- subcontract computations or use results obtained through modelling tools .

Mapping and evaluating following application type  (toxics dispersion , overpressure wave or thermal flux computation,for instance ), following proposed treatment types  (various model families) and also following validity domain (physical phenomena partially or totally taken into account),evaluating main modelling tools commercially or even freely available .
Settling a guide/protocol allowing to classify and hence choose the physical approaches and consequently the tools able to correctly deal with given problematics. Target tools deal with simple physical behaviour problems up to more global technoeconomics problem such as "sustainable development" or "fair trade"  .

Tasks, working topics

-inventory  tools used in industrial risk field, being produced either by software editors, or academic designers, or eupean projects, 

- describe state of the art regarding technics and scientific models for toxics dispersion and possibly overpressure wave and thermal flux computation ,

- establish criteria to classify, compare and evaluate various technics and methods applied to industrial risk modelling or associate technical or economical problem and hence the corresponding tools ,

-write  a guide/protocol to allow an easy choice of adequate physical approach  and consequently the tool type for a given problem (toxics dispersion,....) regarding the scenario characteristics (building presence, topography,...) .

Possible products

-  scientific publications,
-  descriptive notebook of 
physical model  implemented in the various tools ,

exchange platform  and field experience on tools,
- validation case(comparisons measures/computation  or comparisons between various models or model families),
- trial versions of inventoried tools ,

- trial set comparative analysis  and solving method comparison et comparaison des méthodes de résolution ( physical phenomena taken into account, etc.).

Participants :
All private or public bodies who could :
- design their own modelling tool ,
- use modelling tools freely available ,
use modelling tools  available commercially,
- subcontract to consultants projects needing a specific modelling tool ,
- to be in charge of decisions linked to industrial safety and environmental requirements, namely on the basis of results of simulation models .

Should you wish to join this WG, please contact  : Julien Commanay ou Emmanuel Arbaretier

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