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 Methods and tools


 Maintenance and design of FIDES reliability methodology


  Nicolas Guillet (MBDA) and Michel Giraudeau (THALES)

Description of  FIDES methodology
  FIDES Guide,global methodology  of reliability engineering  in electronics, includes two parts :

-a predictive reliability
evaluation guide ,
- a guide for control and audit of the reliability process.

Objectives of FIDES Guide  are on one hand to permit a realistic evaluation of electronic equipment reliability, including in systems submitted to severe environments (defence systems, aeronautics, industrial electronics, transportation,...) and on the other hand to provide a concrete tool to build and control  such a reliability .

Its main characteristics are the following :

- Model existence such as   Electrical, Electronical, Electromechanical components or such as electronical cards or some sub-assemblies.

- Getting evidence and taking into account all technological and physical factors which play an identified part in reliability.

- Taking precise account of use profile.

Taking into account  accidental electrical, mechanical and  thermal overloads( or overstress).

Taking into account failures linked with design, production, operation and maintenance processes .

-Possibility to distinguish multi providers of a given component .

Through identification of reliability contributors , being technological, physical or processing, FIDES Guide  permits  to act upon definitions all over the products  life cycle to improve and control reliability .

 Objectives and position
 The WG objective is to ensure 
FIDES methodology durability , using its maintenance and design .
 The  creation of  FIDES WG is an opportunity offered to any IMdR member to contribute to design of   FIDES

 WG  members may , owing to their contributions ( operational data providing,  subscriptions to project, participation to various  common works…),enhance methodology, ie : bring complements on families technological in the fields Spatial, Car Industry , Railways, Nuclear…

Among identified  actions , the following can be cited:

For maintenance :
- survey 
methodology  models viability
- help
methodology implementation
- help traing programmes
For methodology design
- propose new models for  technological families excluded

- promote methodology at national and international level

- design practical  guides and  complementary tools.
- obtain certification for nationa
l and international standard of  methodology and  evolutions

4 Sub working groups have been created:

SG1 : Évolution of FIDES,  Proposal of IMDR projects (Pilot N. Guillet MBDA)

- Definition of further needs (components  families, leadless treatment ,radiative  environment , on-off cycles..)
- Writing of 
IMDR project proposals de  2009/2010 where important works are concerned (call for  subscription)
SG2 : Promotion of  FIDES at international level ( Pilot M. Giraudeau Thales Aerospace)
FIDES promotion actions  (contracts; communications…)
-  international standardization of   FIDES
SG3 : Going along with  methodology ( Pilot F. Davenel CELAR)
- Use of lambdas year-based,
equipement robustness ,  model validation, reset with field experience…
- Application of reliability process control and audit  guide
SG4 : Application of FIDES to various domains (Pilot: E. Vergnault CNES)
- Spatial, Car, Railways… (identification and treatment of specificities)
Should you wish to contribute, please contact the WG animators : Michel Giraudeau ou M. Nicolas Guillet


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