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 Methods and Tools


 Technical Field Experience


 nicolas.dechy@irsn.fr et emmanuel.remy@edf.fr

The WK has existed since the Dependability Institute has been created in 1989.

Experience feedback is a critical and strategic activity of Risks and Dependability management. From the attendants experience, it appears  that the activity is both R&D and operationnal, being close to field users and designers. Field Experience is a must for risk and dependability , for the risk manager, the designer and the maintenance specalist.who will look for examples, teachings, validations, qualitative and quantitative data and reference elements to precise the uncertainties.

Although restricted to Risks Mastering,experience feedback remains a vast subject. Indeed , sources and data types are eventually numerous, including failure modes data, incidents or accidents data, equipmennt degadation mechanisms, data related to maintenance quality, data over maintenance quality, data over deep causes (human and organizationnel), operation and maintenance data, inspection control and survey, economic data , data over natural events...It is based over many a discipline such as material enquiries, technological survey and interviews with field operators, collection of companies specialists expertise or independant experts, knowledge issued from experience feedback analysis process.

The WG works objective is to demonstrate the strategic character of technical experience feedback, to exchange and diffuse collection, validation and field experience analysis methods linked with reliability, organization and management of experience feedback analysis process as far as security and dependability as well as industrial performance( availability, life cycle, maintenance optimization...) are concerned.


WG works orientations are as follows:

Experience feedback (collection, validation, treatment, analysis,data performances and technical facts interpretation ),

Organization and management of experience feedback process,

Analysis of events and accidents, weak signals,

Failure and material degradation analysis,

 Materials "health monitoring" and maintenance,
Statistical methods, data analysis, text mining, big data

Reliability methods, frequential and bayesian,

Ageing modelling, life cycle estimate,

Capitalization and knowledge management.


WG works have lead to several working days organization and numerous conference/workshops in IMdR  λμ symposium. The latest is dated May 31st 2012 (refer . page internet activities and manifestations passed ). The thematics was  « stakes and value of technical experience feedback », it gave place to over 15 interventions and testimonies,
Several  R&D projects under IMdR authority have been initiated by the WK, namely the  project IMdR P12-1 finalized end 2013, gathered six subscribers (CEA, DCNS, EDF, GDF Suez, IRSN, RATP), it dealt about « Detection and pertinency of a weak signal in the treatment of an experience feedback ».
Presently, thoughts are given to standardization of experience feedback and practical use of probabilistic methods. The group builds an action programme by listing the needs and themes to be developped in a near future.
The WG includes members of various industrial areas ( EDF R&D, GDF Suez, IMdR, RATP, SNCF, Thalès), public authorities (CETIM, Ineris, IRSN), university representatives (INSA Val de Loire, UTC) and consultants. This group is open to IMDR and 'ESReDA (European Safety and Reliability Data Association)adherents.



 Should you be interested by this group activities, please contact animators to join it ! Nicolas DECHY ( IRSN) et Emmanuel REMY (EDF)


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18th october, 2013