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 Methods and tools


 Methodological Research



This WG succeded in 1989 to the 1974 created group by CEA/IPSN and EDF. This WG has been created to settle methods, means and tools in the "reliability" field, which was at an early stage. The WG people increase regularly in number. The present 70 members come from various origins: major companies, academic, consultants, insurance, "active" retired. As of 1996, the WG established close links at European level with ESRA (European Safety and Reliability Association) .
5 annual meetings are held on a participative mode, rythmed by IMDR news and conferences followed by debates between WG members. Traditionnally, one meeting at least is held in the provinces


To track novelty in matter of methods, means and tools dependability related: Efficient technologial survey, Inform and debate about new technics, let emerge industrial needs  not provided yet in matter of dependability : establish connection university-industry: Determine topics of interest for multipartners projects: measure adequation of methods to actual industrial needs: Settlement of test cases (in connection with ESRA): to be an exchange place and sharing of experiences : Popularize and spread mathematical methods: ensure link with ESRA
Eclecticism and synergy at activity level arise from the diversity of origins as well as of the number of WG  members

To face the whole of his objectives, the WG has settled several subgroups to deal with specific problems:
-Test Cases(European Link with  ESRA)
-GéNIAL (quality of random number generators)
Formal languages (deviation towards dependability of computer science/automation methods) 

Spreading: the Bayesian Methods and MGCI (Integrated Circuit Failure modes) WG begun as subgroups of Reseach Methologic WG.
As early as 1990, numerous projects have been successfully conducted
Settlement of a Test Cases battery, under dissemination at european level to evaluate and compare tools and methods
Demonstration organization: specialized working days and dependability symposium.
At the origin of University-Industry collaboration which gave birth to the ARALIA software of fault tree treatment,  founded on BDD technics
(Binary Decision Diagrams)

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