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Risk management and dependability


Uncertainties and industry


 Nicolas FISCHER (LNE) and Alberto PASANISI (EDF)

After working day of 10/11/2005 organized by IMDR on the theme « Bring uncertainties under control in order to improve risk management », a Working Group about taking into account uncertainties in decision process and industrial risk management has been created with the following objectives  :

- being a consortium repesentative of the industrial world, share the same vision of uncertainties impact and control upon  some societal problematics (risk analysis, physical behaviour, products and processes, environment...)and in terms of needs expression with a broad covering of applications (mechanical, physical, chemical, process, environmental and economic risk analysis)  ;

- to be identified as a channel to control authorities and public actors as well as academic world: this includes settlement and promotion of training actions, conferences, a.s.o.

- to be an exchange place to enhance project proposals setting, projects being research common to several partners (competitiveness pole,  consortium, a.s.o.)

The first tasks begun in this WG are the following:

- a rereading in French of project group ESREDA "uncertainties" results. Those are recommandations in uncertainty analysis terms (including structure relability) and sensitivity in an industrial context

- development of interprofessional training aids or aids to bring academic world to be sensitive.

It has to be noted that this WG aims at creating links with other WG devoted to connex disciplines such as without being exhaustive:

- GTR 22 « methodological research »,
- GTR 23 « technical field experience»,
- GTR 27 «  bayesianMethods »,
- GTR « Structures safety and security ».

Given the diversity of mathematical tools and applications, projects of co-labellization are under study with other bodies.

People who wish to contribute to this WG work are requested ro  join Nicolas Fischer (LNE)

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