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Institute vocation Haut de page

Owing to the help of 14 major industrial groups* , the Institute for Risk Management and dependability (IMdR-SdF) succeeds on July the first, 2002 to the Institute for dependability (ISdF, part of French Movement for Quality). Its competence field is extended to Risk Management.

During 2006 summer, the European Institute for Cindynics (IEC) joins IMdR-SdF to form the present IMdR.

As a reference actor, the Institute vocation is to help companies and public bodies to adopt, face to risks, a preventive approach as to correctly identify, evaluate, quantify, order and manage feared events.

This approach aims to be systemic and global.



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* Les documents rattachés sont soumis à identification

IMdR assets Haut de page
  •  capacity of getting together : experience acquired by previous ISdF and IEC in gathering several companies around studies they have selected themselves guarantee a sharing of knowledge, a least financial investment and creation of partnership links. .
  •  Approach of survey and benchmarking : to know other technical areas methods and post severe events analysis is always a way of improvement. The IMdR competencies in field experience are offered to the companies.
  •  Experts network : IMdR relies upon the high potential existing, in matter of dependability and cindynics, in Industry  as well as in University laboratories.
  • The  technical informations center : owner of an important library constituted after many a year of studies related to dependability, risk management and cindynics, this center offers free consulation of books as well as possible orientation towards more specialized sites.
  •  Opening to Europe :by contacts with European  associations dealing with the same subjects.

IMdR objectives Haut de page
  • To guide activities of working and thinking  groups towards major themes corresponding to strong stakes, registered in companies and dealing with risk prevention : risk perception and acceptation, risk management, civil responsability and penal liability,  crisis management, severe accidents benchmarking, registering and study of new risks such as data processing risk, industrial plants vulnerability,...
  • Strengthen working groups (in particular methodological research and field experience) upon sujects dealing with competitiveness : products and plants quality , reliability, availability, logistic support, life duration,  environnmental impact,  global cost,…
  • Propose common studies  in order to put together needs and efforts along two axes : research studies to enrich knowledge bases; knowledge developmment studies within companies and public bodies ,
  • Organize demonstrations in order to promote risk management.

Key concepts Haut de page
According  to  the above  presentation, the vocation of  IMdR  is thus based on the following key concepts: risk management, dependability and  cindynics. The Institute  is   leader  in  conducting  studies  covering  these  areas  and  the resulting developments
In a more detailed (but not exhaustive) way, the  essential  key concepts  covered  in  the studies  conducted  within  IMdR  are: industrial and technological risks, economic risks, risk analysis, availability, reliability, maintenability, safety,  security, management, risk management, compliance monitoring, uncertainties  and  risks, experience feedback, complex systems engineering.
These  key concepts  are  largely  handled  by our  various   working  groups  which   deal  rigorously with them.