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Animations and collections of stereotypal sheetsl "Organization and Risk Management "WG Haut de page
  • Animations : "About interest of multiplying standpoints in an event analysis"

Animation pump

Animation plumber
Please address your comments about these documents to the WG animator , M. Jean-François VAUTIER


FORM method sheet Haut de page

see hereafter the method sheet provided by the Structures Security and Safety (3S) Working Group

Method Sheet

Activity Report of IMdR-AFPCN "Networks weaknesses"WG Haut de page

Aware of stakes linked to urban networks weaknesses in case of major risk occurrence and more specifically floooding, Risk Management Institute (IMdR) and Natural Catastrophes Prevention French Association (AFPCN) have created a common Working Group dealing with this topic. The WG objective was to provide a diagnosis and to proposee an action plan aiming at decreasing networks weaknesses.


WG report is available  here

M2OS Method Sheets Haut de page

the  M2OS WG, Management, Methods and  Standard Tools, proposes a lot of Method sheets (7th issue - 2010)
These sheets constitute a technical help related to dependability and risk management. 

To reach the sheets, click here 



Selection Guide for Electronic Reliability Haut de page

 IMdR Document  : Electronic Components Previsional Reliability Selection Guide(october 2009) is the issue of project IMdR P07-5 performed from December 2007 to April 2009. The  project gathered 9 subscribers : AREVA, CNES, DGA-LRBA, EADS-Astrium,ECE Zodiac, EDF, PSA Peugeot Citroën, SNCF et TOTAL . It has been realized by APSYS company. 

The bilingual guide includes a method of needs definition as well as selection of models applied to reliability computation. The computations are the most appropriate to each user in its own industrial environment.

The model selection method using criteria weighing and needs analysis such as proposed in the guide permits to choose either one among the evaluation compendia or an agregate of various compendia when required by the stresses project/product.

Access to Guide in English version

Mechanical Reliability Course Haut de page

Following the works performed by WG M2OS, The reader is proposed the Jean Claude Ligeron Mechanical Reliability Course, after many a year of teaching.
To reach the course click here.