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 Emerging Risks


 Risks linked to the management modes


 Christian NEVEU (SNCF)

1. Context

 Due to cultures evolutions, ways of life, technological  environments and young generations education, one is lead to notice different functionment ways of such young generations. These could be considered either in their technical implication or in their relationship with previous generations or their behaviour towards the company. It could result in procedures rejection when no sufficient autonomy is allowed, or in an attitude towards the others founded more upon technical competencies recognition than  hierarchical respect and in a limited confidence towards the company resulting in a wish of change following opportunities  . The resulting risks have already been acknowledged in the generations recently employed  and lead to be concerned with possible impact of on going training generations when they are being employed . Companies must anticipate and think over to better welcome these new generations and hence adapt their management modes .

2.  Proposed orientations:

  • How to manage the new generations ? 
  • How to use their intuitive and proactive capacities  ?
  • How to get fit with the economical, social and cultural context  ?
  • How to stay close to the field realities and different generations actors ?

3. Proposed working method:

  • Meetings (every two months frequency, preferably in Paris area )
  •  Other  communication modes possible (forums, conference calls,...)

4. Expected products  :

  • Reports,
  • Study projects afforded to a third party,
  • Seminars, ...

5. Considered schedule:

Start : Fall  2012

Considered duration :  18 mois at most

6. Possible WG  IMdR members 

  •  Air Liquide, Alstom, CEA, EADS, EGIS, Renault,

7 Manager :
christian.neveu@sncf.fr  (Tél : 01 53 25 60 07) (Port : 06 09 94 42 12)

8 Coordinator : Jean-François Raffoux, IMdR (Port : 06 15 16 30 17)

Would you be interested by this WG activities, please contact the manager or the coordinator.

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The next meeting will be held : January 22, 2014