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Emerging risks


Risks linked to sociocultural context : loss of confidence and non acceptance of technological systems



1. Context :

Media effects on one hand and knowledge progress on another hand lead people to show by their political or economical behaviour their refusal of some products, energy choices, infrastructures or even complete technological systems . Such a risk acceptance problem in its economical social and cultural aspects is not a new one, however knowledge spreading (more or less validated) sharp increase and the competitive context lead companies to highly bother as far as such a risk may directly influence a technological system future. 

2. Proposed orientations and objectives following March 28th meeting :

  • Better understand confidence loss causes and better precise context elements which generated such behaviours ,
  • Analyze  components (inter-personal  and irrational) of each party game and their inter-relations. du jeu de chaque partie prenante et les relations entre elles. Identify "trusted third party" role,
  • Evaluate impactsof a  confidence loss around a technological system,
  • Identify concrete actions to be implemented by companies in order to prevent confidence loss risks and technological systems non acceptance.

3.  Proposed working method:

  • Identify how a loss of confidence occurs among the various represented activity fields. The WG members will rely upon their experience using a study working sheet proposed by the WG manager.
  • Propose WG external participants who may bring their experience feedback to the WG problems.

4. Expected products  :

  • Reports, communications, seminars (to be precised during the WG starting meeting )...

5. Possible WG IMdR members :


6. Manager
bruno.lazare@cnes.fr  (Port. : 06 87 76 90 64)

7. Coordinator :
Jean-François Raffoux, IMdR (Port : 06 15 16 30 17)

Would you be interested by the WG activities, please contact the manager or the coordinator

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Next meeting :

September 18, 2013, 9h30-12h30 at CNES Paris

Prévious meeting :

December 20, 2012
February 22nd, 2013